Aaaahhh, Colorado

It’s Labor Day weekend and yesterday we went on our favorite hike. We went to a great place called The Crags. This location is just a little west of Pikes Peak and about 20 minutes from our home. This is a very diverse hike with lots of changes in scenery and terrain. By the time you get to the end, you are almost at tree-line elevation. The picture below shows the trailhead. This part of the trail is full of Pine, Fir, and Spruce trees. It’s absolutely quiet except the sound of a stream and some birds. Magical. Come on! I’ll take you with us. After a bit, the trail opens up to include aspens. I love their white trunks and”eyes” that follow you through the forest! Some of the Aspen trees are already changing. Fall is in the air. We love to take our dog, Boomer, with us on this hike so that he can carry all of our stuff in his backpack. He loves to be a working dog. Our other dog, George, is most likely asleep on the couch… There are so many incredible rock formations along the way. Really beautiful. I tracked a mountain lion into this rock cave. Hah! Just kidding, but doesn’t it look like one could be hiding in there? Scary! This photo did not capture the color of the lichen, but it was a crazy lime green. Really crazy. Enough to stop and take this photo of it. Oh well, lets keep moving. We’re getting near the top now and this beautiful rock formation is showing itself in the distance. It’s taken about 45 minutes to get to this point.   Turning around and looking back, there is more to see. Now, just a few steps from the top, we are just about at tree-line. The trees are thinned out and those that can survive are stunted and sparse.

Wow! We made it to the top! It took about 65 minutes of uphill hiking to get here, but it was worth every step!   A full 360 degree views of Colorado wilderness. Stunning!

The reward? Sharing a glass of wine and a great afternoon with my husband. Perfect.

Tomorrow we head to Aspen for a day of site-seeing, shopping, and great food. So fun! Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend, too.